Free Indeed Sober Living Inc. provides a drug free safe environment for women who are ready to begin living a sober life one day at a time. Forever is too far in the future, so we advise that they just think of being sober and remain abstinent from all mind altering substances just for today.

Some days are harder than others, so for those who are confronted with past activities, frustrations, and when the temptation to return to old behavior becomes too overwhelming, we just advise that they remain abstinent just for the next 5 minutes to allow the urges to pass.

Everyone’s history of substance abuse may have taken a different turn, but they all end up on the same path, in jails, institutions or pre-mature death. What we are attempting to do at Free Indeed Sober Living, Inc. is just show love to people that may or may not feel lovable. We encourage each and every woman to believe that they have the potential to become all they can be.

Everyone seems to believe there is a special purpose for them being born, staying sober will help them find that purpose. We understand that the Creator of the Universe has love for everyone, we are all unique in his eyes, and we have a special place in his heart. We learn how to love and respect ourselves, then we can love and respect others.

We just try and show the women at Free Indeed Sober Living, Inc. how special they are. Sometimes being of service to others enhances one’s own quality of life. We have already learned how to be selfish, self-centered, and egotistic maniacs, now we want to become a positive source of energy, a resource to ourselves and others. We want to become a spring of fresh water providing refreshment and encouragement to others.

The Benefits of Free Indeed Sober Living, Inc.

When staying at Free Indeed Sober Living, women will experience life without drugs or alcohol. The body is allowed to heal and recover from self-neglect, dehydration, brain, kidney, liver and heart damage while exposed to self-indulging in toxic waste and damaging substances.

Our sober living home provides women the opportunity to become focused on personal priorities that go along with sober living. The addiction has been arrested, now a plan needs to put in place to provide a solid foundation in recovery. A plan that gives the individual an opportunity to have a second chance at life. This should not be taken for granted since there are many who have perished along the way.

This has to be an opportunity that must be taken seriously. Sober living helps relieve the pressures that normal treatment programs can't address, because they are so short and the additive behavior may have been active for years. With sober living, you can stay for months at a time in an environment free from pressures and temptations, while learning how to deal with cravings and recovering physically, spiritually and emotionally.

If you or someone you know has an alcohol or substance abuse problem and want some help, Free Indeed Sober Living is a great option.

Free Indeed Sober Living

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